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Anonymous said: Dear person I like ;)

Dear person I like,

We’ve been seeing each other for quite a while now. The last time we had lunch, after dropping me off home, I had received a text saying “I feel like I missed the chance to kiss you. I’ll kiss you next time okay?” AAAAaaaaa never in my life have I ever wanted to sink so deep into my mattress. It’s been weeks now and I’m somewhat tired of waiting - you’re a pretty shy boy you know that? If you don’t do it soon I’ll have to kiss you first. 

I haven’t seen you in a while actually. Let’s go on that hiking thing you said we’d do before summer ends! I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer. Let’s meet up soon. I want to see you again.

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Anonymous said: well i don't like to use ouija boards but I have,just do not use it alone, and use it properly cus spirits can be some angry peoples and dont be rude or insult them and neverrrr ever let go w/o saying goodbye first and doing some chant to send them back. it actually works whichis CRAZY but it does. with my friends I encountered a really bad demon named zozo and the board freaked out and apparently other ppl have encountered her too i googled. ive never used it since, in fact i buried the board

Thanks for sharing this with me!

I just suddenly got really curious about ouija boards because my friend used one tonight with a bunch of her other friends. I find it fascinating that you can use it to contact people from the spirit world. I don’t think I’ll ever use one though. I don’t feel comfortable messing with spirits.

I would google Zozo right now but I’ve been reading stories and talking about everything under the sun that is paranormal related and its somewhat spooking me out tonight haha. Maybe tomorrow morning when it’s bright and sunny I’ll take a look at who this Zozo is.

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